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Non Smoking Hotel
5 Rue Duquesnoy
1000 Brussels, Belgium
55 55 505 32 +
00 55 505 32 +
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Grand Place Suite

The Grand Place Penthouse Suite is one of those rare places that simply exudes luxury. Set in the perfect location in the heart of Brussels overlooking the world famous Grand Place, it offers a total of 250 sqm where sublime elegance meets glamorous style.

At night, the 150 sqm terrace offers a sweeping panoramic view of the city rooftops. It becomes a truly entrancing sight with the Grand Place lit up in all its beauty.

With a grand total of 400 sqm, the Grand Place Suite is the most spacious Suite in Brussels, guaranteeing you an unparalleled experience.

Access the Suite away from prying eyes by private elevator and enjoy a unique VIP treatment with personalized Butler Service.

From private dinners to confidential meetings, the Grand Place Suite will magnify any of your events, and our attentive and experienced team will assist you to make your wish a reality.

Not only will we strive to guarantee you a high level of service, we will carry out ordinary tasks extraordinarily well.

Contact us directly by email or phone +32 505 57 90 to discuss endless possibilities!