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Non Smoking Hotel
5 Rue Duquesnoy
1000 Brussels, Belgium
55 55 505 32 +
00 55 505 32 +
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KANAL – Centre Pompidou Offer

Before it becomes the largest cultural institution in Brussels, with 35,000 m2 devoted to artistic creation in all its forms, KANAL – Centre Pompidou  proposes a unique cultural immersion in the buildings of the former Citröen garage. Don’t wait to book your stay, before conversion work starts in July 2019!

Stay at the Warwick Brussels and ask your 35% discount-voucher on the ticket fee to get access to this cultural hub!

Terms and conditions: Offer is subject to availability. Blackout dates may apply and rates may vary by day. Stay dates from 22nd of January until the 30th of June 2019. Offer is valid for individual travel only.