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With roots stretching back to approximately 3000 years ago, Ehden is a town steeped in history. While the pagan temples that once stood here are little more than rubble today, several of the churches still standing date back hundreds of years, including the church of Saint Mamas built in 749 A.D. Today, Ehden is a cultural hub in Lebanon, with many people taking Ehden, Lebanon vacations in the summer to escape the heat and skiers flocking here in the winter because it is near the Cedars Mountains ski slopes. Known for its restaurants, resort hotels, festivals, galleries and other entertainment, Ehden draws visitors from all over the world.

Ehden is the birthplace of illustrious Lebanese thinkers and patriots. These include Patriarchs Jean Makhlouf, George Omaira (referred to as the “Light of the Oriental Church”) and Stephan Doueihi, a great philosopher and an archbishop of the Maronite Church who translated the Holy Scriptures to several languages. He is referred to as “the father of Maronite history”, and a statue of him stands in the city center. Gibrael alSahyouni was the private tutor of Louis XIV of France. Youssef Bey Karam , a Lebanese patriot, fought for an independent Lebanon and his tomb and statue are found at Saint George’s Church, which is in itself an outstanding example of old architecture. Ehden was also the birthplace of two Lebanese presidents: Suleiman Franjieh and René Mou`awwad.

High on the slopes of Ehden is the church of Saydet alHosn, where you can have an incredible view of the Zgharta plain and the town of Tripoli. Also worth seeing are the Monasteries and Churches built in the side of the valley, in particular the Monastery of St Anthony and the first printing press in the Middle East that printed “The Book of Psalms” in 1610.

Four Kilometers east of Ehden is Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve, a protected zone for hundreds of unique indigenous botanical species including rare trees and flowering plants. It also shelters some of the rare and endangered animal wildlife species in the country.