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Events In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Stay In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Al Naseem, King Abdullah Road Al Naseem
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
+966 12 607 2470 Reservations

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, a Saudi Arabian city perched on the east-central edge of the Red Sea, is known for its beautiful beaches, traditional souks and historical sites. The largest city in the western Province of Mecca, Jeddah serves as a major gateway to Islam’s holiest cities – Mecca and Medina.

As one of Saudi Arabia's primary resort cities, Jeddah offers numerous attractions, like amusement parks, modern shopping malls and a variety of museums, making it an attractive option for a Jeddah vacation or family weekend getaway. The newly renovated Jeddah Corniche offers 30 km of recreation areas, hotels, pavilions and large-scale sculptures, and it is also home to King Fahd’s Fountain – the highest fountain in the world. Given that the city is near the Red Sea, fishing is plentiful and seafood is a main element in the local food culture, in contrast with much of the Middle Eastern country.

Jeddah has long been a port city and important trading hub for the region. In the 19th century, mother-of-pearl, tortoise shells, frankincense and other spices were routinely exported from Jeddah. Additionally, many imports destined for the Suez, Africa or Europe pass through the city.

All of the capitals of the Middle East and North Africa are within two hours’ flying distance of Jeddah, making it the second-largest commercial centre of the Middle East after Dubai.