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A dazzling walled city juts out onto the sea from a narrow peninsula in the Brittany region of France. That city is Saint-Malo. Founded by the Welsh monk Mac Low, the old walled town on the beach is protected by its ramparts, the oldest dating back to the 12th century. Fascinating characters such as Chateaubriand, Surcouf, Jacques Cartier and Anne of Brittany walked these same streets to the historic heart of the city. Noteworthy attractions near the hotel are the Cathédrale St-Vincent, Fort National, Musee du Château, the Jacques Cartier Manor House, and the Privateer’s House, also known as Demeure De Corsaire, are a short jaunt away. St Michael’s Mount, the second and most remarkable tourist site in France, is only a 55 km away and fulfills every Saint-Malo vacation. Nestled snuggly on the beach, Le Grand Hôtel des Thermes stands within reach of leading cultural and sporting events including La Route du Rhum yacht race and the Tall Ships Race, as well as the Etonnants Voyageurs and Quai des Bulles literary festivals.