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Koprzywnica 4 Poland
48 59 720 85 20 Reservations


Kashubia is a place shaped by the elements. But it’s more than green forests, brown soils, blue lakes and rivers. It’s a place defined by its inhabitants—creating a one of a kind distinctiveness of this region. From generation to generation, the unique culture has been cultivated into a one of a kind experience in Przechlewo, Poland. From the popular native art of Kashubian embroidery that dates back to the 18th century to the history of St. James the Apostle Church, Kashubia is an authentically Polish land. Around the hotel breathes the most ancient history, because in 1341 the old Polish knights' settlement was teeming with life here. Therefore, among the many typical monuments you can find unusual objects, such as an early medieval fort from around X-XII century on the Długie Lake peninsula, late medieval fort and the seat of the Szczytno castells on the Szczytno lake or the burial mound of the Wielbark culture (0-375 AD).