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Oudeschans 75, Amsterdam
North Holland 1011KW


Luxury Suites Amsterdam is located on a plot bearing important historical significance to the city of Amsterdam. Formerly the plot was occupied by a building called the Koorndrager (Wheat Carrier), which used to be a warehouse built for shipping and storing wheat. The warehouse was located at the street “Oudeschans,” which originally earned its name from the canal in its immediate vicinity.

De Koorndrager burned down in 1949 and was replaced with a new building in 1952. In 1974 that building, named “The Bimhuis,” became a famous venue for jazz concerts. Not long after, it was first acclaimed that De Bimhuis rose to a world-famous status as a hot-spot for Jazz music.

While this status was long lived, all things must eventually come to an end. In 2004 The Bimhuis closed its doors at the Oudeschans due to technological outdating but it continued to host jazz concerts at a brand new venue called the Piet Heijnkade.

In 2009 the venue was rebuilt for the second time for the purpose of exploiting a five-star hotel, but the process was long and filled with complications. In total, the preparations took more than ten years to finalize the concept and begin construction.

The preparations took extra years due to archeological reasons. Because Amsterdam records many years of history, the soil could contain valuable historic artifacts. Unfortunately, no items have been found that could be transferred to a museum. However, numerous regular household items have been discovered, such as kitchen accessories, china, shoes, etc.