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Oudeschans 75, Amsterdam
North Holland 1011KW

Valet Parking

To ensure your stay is as convenient as possible, we recommend you make use of our exclusive valet parking service. Upon arrival, our professional valet company will gladly relieve you of the hassle of parking by transporting your vehicle to a safe and secured environment. And should you happen to need your car again in the immediate future, an extra €10,- will be applied for the return service.


Please note: this service is available from 7.00 hours / 7.00 AM until 22.00 hours / 10.00 PM. Please inform the reception desk at least two hours ahead of time when you want to have the car brought to you. As a hotel we are required to arrange your request with the Hotel Valet Parking beforehand. If you need your car before or after the available hours, please contact our reception desk.