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Best Flexible Rate

Listed as the Best Flexible Rate found on a public Internet site, the Warwick Best Flexible Rate – exclusively available by booking through www.warwickhotels.com – is guaranteed to be at least equal, if not lower, than rates found on other public Internet sites.

If a lower published rate appears on another website within 12 hours of a confirmed booking, Warwick will not only match it, but we will offer an additional 10% off the room rate for the entire stay.

We understand that plans may change from time to time, therefore, we offer a flexible guarantee and favorable cancellation policy.

Terms & Conditions Reservation guarantees vary by hotel or resort, along with specific reservation and cancellation conditions advised per location, per offer. Rates vary by room and suite type and may vary from one night to another. Minimum nights stay may apply. Not all hotels and resorts participate in this programme on all days. We understand that plans may change from time to time, therefore we offer a flexible guarantee and favourable cancellation terms to suit your travel needs. *Our Best Rate Guarantee applies to specific room types and specific dates.


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