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Events In San Francisco

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490 Geary Street,
San Francisco, CA 94102
+ 1 415 928 7900 Reservations

San Francisco

San Francisco’s allure lies brilliantly in merging expectations with flashes of unpredictability. Few cities can compete with the world-renowned Golden Gate Bridge or the storied past of Alcatraz Island. Fewer still embrace taking the familiar and marrying it to the unknown. A foray into Chinatown aside the rumble of iconic cable cars is a foregone conclusion. But combine that with walkable neighbourhoods like Union Square brimming with exquisite museums, international fine dining, boutique shopping and vibrant cultures pressed against one another, and San Francisco creates a magnetic appeal that solidifies its perch on sophisticated travellers’ must-see lists. The ultimate hotel experience and San Francisco vacation meets a charismatic and popular destination near the heart of The City by the Bay.


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