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Events In Beirut

Stay In Beirut

Ain El Mraisseh P.O.Box : 11-8488
Beirut, Lebanon
+961 1 372 000 Reservations

Beirut, Lebanon
+961 4723271 Reservations


Zalka-Beirut has long served as a cultural paradise in the Mediterranean. Today, it has a distinctive blend of Old World charm and modern excitement that makes it a unique destination for relaxing vacations or adventurous getaways for families and business travellers alike. Visitors explore the timeless character of the Zalka-Beirut area at sites like the National Museum of Beirut, the glowing Jeita Grotto and the rolling hills of Mzaar Kfardebian. But aside from its historical prominence, the area buzzes with modern pleasantries. Shopping and dining downtown, world-class events at La Marina Dbayeh, modern excitement at Casino Du Liban, the slopes at Zaarour Ski Resort and expeditions through the lost city of Baalbek give visitors a taste of Lebanon’s unique allure. As for the hotel Warwick Stone 55, it’s nestled near downtown and only 20 kilometres from Beirut International Airport – making it perfectly situated for a refined stay in Lebanon.