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Warwick Journeys FAQ

Q: When making a reservation as a Warwick Journeys Member, I  occasionally find that, although I fall into the Guaranteed Availability window, my Negotiated Rate may be closed out due to high occupancy. What rate am I then eligible for?

A: While we make every effort to accommodate all our valued Members, there are certain levels within the Warwick Journeys programme that guarantee availability as part of their member level benefits. They are:

  • Gold
    Guaranteed Availability with 3 days notice when booking the Member Exclusive Rate.
  • Black
    Guaranteed Availability with 24 hours notice when booking the Member Exclusive Rate.

In cases where we are sold out, we guarantee that eligible Members will have access to the Member-Exclusive Rates. These rates are listed, and can be accessed either by logging in at www.warwickhotels.com/journeys or by calling our Central Reservation Office at +1 844-954-8378.

Q: What does the Warwick Journeys programme consider a Qualified Rate?

A: In general terms, Qualified Rates are defined as designated rates guests use in making a hotel reservation, and for which they will receive credit. For Warwick Journey Members in particular, it means all rates booked online at warwickhotels.com, or through our Reservation Office, as well as certain Corporate Negotiated Rates.

Rates that do not qualify would include, but are not limited to:  Wholesalers & Tour Operator Packages; Groups; Meetings; Travel Industry Rates; Complementary & Barter Rooms; Employee Rates: Friends & Family Rates:

Associations or any Non-Corporate Negotiated Rates booked via 3rd party sites.

If you have any questions regarding whether a rate you booked is eligible for recognition, we encourage you to call the Hotel directly, or our Warwick Journeys Team at +1 844-954-8378, or warwickjourneys@warwickhotels.com.

Q: As a Warwick Journeys Members, will I still be charged if I make a reservation and don’t show up?

A: Yes. If you book and do not cancel your reservation within the hotels cancellation policy, we will charge your credit card.

Q: As a Member, will I receive credit for a stay if I do not show up?

A: No. To qualify as a “stay” and receive credit towards your next Journeys Membership upgrade, you must check in under a Qualified Rate and stay overnight.

Q: I’m a guest who has just enrolled in the Warwick Journeys programme. Should I expect a Membership Card or a Membership number?

A: First of all, let us say thank you. Initially, new Members receive an informative email welcoming you to our programme. This email includes a Warwick Journeys Membership number that should be used anytime you book a stay at participating Warwick Hotels and Resorts.

Your personal number will follow you on your travels. Once you attain our uppermost tier—Black—you will be sent a special package containing, among other things, your exclusive Black Membership card.

Q: I recently stayed at a Warwick Hotel and I forgot to check if my Member number was taken down, and if credit for the stay was applied to my account. How can I make sure I have received it?

A: Thank you for your stay, and let us assure you that it is not too late. If you did not provide your Membership number at the time, or if you did, but are still concerned that you might not have been credited, you can rectify the situation up to 7 days after check-out.  Simply contact your hotel directly, or our Warwick Journeys team at +1 844-954-8378, or warwickjourneys@warwickhotels.com.

Q: I have a previous Warwick Hotels and Resorts guest number that I was given when I signed up for free Wi-Fi, which starts with WIH. What happens to that old WIH number now that I’m a Warwick Journeys Member—and what can I expect with my new one?

A: Warwick Journeys is our newest and most comprehensive Guest Recognition programme, and will replace your existing WIH membership. In fact you may find that this information was already updated during the sign-up process  (at the same time you accepted the new Terms & Conditions). Your Member profile should now include your assigned Warwick Journeys number that you use when booking all future stays and benefits. The WIH number will have expired and be deemed invalid.

Q: I recently signed up for the Warwick Journeys programme, particularly because the idea of exclusive offers and special promotions appealed to me.  How do I find out what’s available at which properties— in a timely way— so I don’t miss out?

A: Through warwickhotels.com/journeys as a member, you have access to the newsletter and communication options which allows you to select what communication types and topics you wish to receive. Let us know your preferences and Warwick Journeys will take it from there.

Q: I checked out of the Warwick Hotel this morning and should have been promoted. Why does my level not show correctly?

A: Thank you for your recent stay with us. Each night our system program evaluates guest stays and records them appropriately. For a credit to be applied the stay must be completed before accounted for. As this is a nightly process it can take up to 24 hours to reflect a stay credit or level promotion.